Thursday, November 19, 2009

To turtleneck or not...

Dear Fashion Andrea,

People compliment me on my long and thin neck, and tell me how great I'd look wearing turtlenecks. I understand that turtlenecks can be a great item, especially under jumpers or suits, and I know turtle necks would be a nice choice for my conservative business office. However, in addition to my long and thin neck, I also have a sizeable chest. I generally avoid high necked shirts because of this. So tell me Fashion Andrea - can I pull off wearing a turtleneck? I thought a black one with a straight collar (not a folded one!) might look best, but I still avoid them like the plague in stores! Help!

ATP (or, Are Turtlenecks the Plague?)

Okay, ATP,

Here's my issue with the turtleneck. I feel as though a turtleneck says, "Hi, I'm to be paired with a mini jumper and be very mod from the 60s or with a shoulder padded jacket from the 80's." I am not a fan, but mind you, I have a moderately sizable chest as well. Here's the thing. Even with a small chest a really high neck will make your boobs look extra saggy or like they are coming out of your stomach. And neither is a flattering look. And, Sugar, you do have a lovely neck, but why would you want to cover it and your sexy clavicle? Instead why not try something a little more fun, and also something that Michael Kors would be more okay with- A cowl neck! But here's the thing, I know you and I know what you like to wear. A cowl neck is sexy, slightly revealing, but nothing that will give too much away. But, if you're feeling the need to try one, try one that isn't too high, but not a mock (because a mock just says evil villain in a James Bond movie). Make sure it shows off how long your lovely neck is, but it doesn't take away from anything. Try black first, then maybe move on to more bold colors (or camel. But you know how I love camel on you).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Men's shirts...

Today I was reading in gq about the fitted shirt on a man. I was looking through pictures of Taylor Lautner, wearing fitted button down with a skinny tie, and it made me realize (or just remember my passion) that I love men's clothes. It's not just sheer luck that a man is sexy. If a man knows how to dress themself, wears clothes that fit, and spends 5 minutes on his hair... WHOOO, sexiness is happening. And don't get me wrong, I know that a lot of women are totally team Jacob, but I am not. Here is my point and case- Taylor Lautner- not my cup of tea. But in a properly fitting dress shirt? He looks good. And beyond that, look at Alexander Skarsgard... Now, there's my cup of tea. But here's the thing. I know he's a big man, but his tie is too short. He's got a great fitting jacket, and the shirt is amazingly tailored to him... But the tie kills it all. It's too short. Don't get me wrong, like I said, my total cup of tea.

Monday, November 2, 2009

An update

If anyone was waiting on the edge of their seat for a new post, here's the explanation of my absence. I am working on a quilted purse complete with piping and I keep having to work on my machine. I will post pictures and everything, but here's a teaser. It's quilted but it is brown and robin's egg blue and baby pink and mint and there are deer every where. I'll post asap.