Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Famine of Beauty

It is, in fact, this famine that has lead me to watch All About Eve at 11 pm on a Saturday night. So here's to my temporary hiatus until I find inspiration, and I get my school apps in.

Until then, I suggest watching a lot of movies starring Cary Grant.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Missoni You So...

So, unless you've been under a rock or in a cave or you've turned into Christopher McCandless (and if you have, why are you reading a blog about fashion?) you probably heard about the Missoni rush at Target. I did not participate on that EPIC day. However, today? I definitely got some goodies. After all the time passed for people to return items (WHO RETURNS MISSONI?!) I decided to get my goodies.

Let me start this portion by explaining that having certain assets that are abnormally large can make swimsuit shopping difficult. I bless them some days, but curse them most. So, to find a black and white Missoni tankini for $15.00 was a major score for me. I'm used to dropping $100 on a bikini, easy. So, behold, the newest love of my life, and no it will NOT be worn in the pool:

I've already tried it on, and I will need one more piece to really make it functional, but it is SO cute. I'm so excited for it. 

I also splurged a little and got a full priced makeup bag for my purse. It's a larger bag, but to be honest, my purse is so huge that I needed a little something to keep some smaller items in. It's a gorgeous black and cream pattern, and I am looking forward to keeping it near me at all times. 

Now, mind you, this was not the blog I had in mind for tonight, but I will say this: It was fun, I get to brag, and I love my new items. Now, I'm pooped, and I must head to bed so I can be up for my morning run. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Years Eve Shoes...

A friend, we'll call her Chicago, asked me what she can do for shoes on New Years. She doesn't want to rock heels, because she's doing disco hippie dance party to celebrate 2012. I want you all to know that when I picture this, it's very funny- lots of flow-y dresses and hippie dancing all to the sounds of the Bee Gees. She will probably correct me, as I am sure that's not at ALL what it's actually going to be like, but in my head... so fun.

She asked if she could wear sequined Ugg boots. I can only assume she means something like this:

Let's go ahead and admit that I do NOT think that this is an option. Uggs are appropriate when you're in Australia travelling from the beach to your house, especially in the winter. Other than that... please stick to the fashion line. So here are some options!!!

Okay, Chicago, I know you live somewhere where it will be cold and wet on New Years Eve, so I start with my favorite option for this winter: 

Motorcycle boots. The ones pictured here are from Target. I also know Kohls has them for decently cheap. But these are a little more sturdy, go with the hippie chic so well, and are a little less... tack-a-licious. Less Snookie, if you will. Moving forward...

Some funk-a-licious women's drivers/loafers. I know it's all snow friendly up there, but I still offer this. I think that with the usefulness of a driver can be perfect for a night out. And get them in a super fun color so that they're cool. Plus these in sequin are so much cooler than an Ugg. Finally...

The small wedge boot. Unlike the motorcycle boot, this kind of boot can be a little more glamorous and have more embellishments. These are a very small wedge, so it won't give you leg pains, but it will keep you on your toes if you're dancing. Plus, they're kind of 60's, and very fun. You could even try to find these in a fun color (like violet or teal). 

So, Chicago, there's my ponderings on your conundrum. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Bracelet to Climb all others.

As promised, I am documenting all of the online purchases made through these discount companies, like ShoeDazzle, JustFab, StyleMint, and JewelMint, which will be the topic of tonight's blog.

Upon discovering JewelMint, I was INSTANTLY in love. Unlike ShoeDazzle (here after SD) and JustFab (here after JF),  it's website is clean. Their quizzes had items that actually appealed to me, and wasn't just the best possible answer. So, when I was "defining" my style, it was actually what I liked, not just what I liked best of the options. The website isn't bedazzled with hearts and exclamation points, nor does it look like a 12 year old designed it (please note, I haven't cancelled my account yet, and if that's your thing, more power to ya. I'm just more into clean.)

I enjoyed the note "from" the creators; it was sweet and welcoming, but not overbearing- well orchestrated. Then, I got to my show room, and there it was. The funkiest, coolest, sassiest bracelet I've seen in a while. Please understand, I'm always looking for bracelets, because I have a tattoo on my wrist, and not all employers appreciate it. But it was just sitting there, as my top pick. I saw it and I knew I wanted it. It was multi-colored rope with a giant silver clasp.

So I lusted after it for about 5 days, and then Folly came to my rescue: a 70% off coupon! Well, for 8.99,  I was in. When I clicked on it, I was reminded that (and this is really the BEST part) shipping is free. And then I waited.

Okay, I got busy, and it fell to the back of my mind. So, when Folly texted me 2 days ago, letting me know she got her necklace, I ran to my mailbox. Well, I ordered my bracelet a few hours later than Folly (I work later!) and that's what made the difference. But this is where we discovered the minor flaw in JewelMint: they say you can track your package, but when both Folly and I tried, we discovered that it only says "Processing." Mine still says that, and it was delivered yesterday.

Anyway... I received mine today, and I wanted to share my thoughts.The clasp is heavy. I like that. You wrap the bracelet yourself, so it doesn't always look the same. That's very nice. The shine of the clasp makes it look classy, but I really love the rope, which keeps it funky.

I loved the packaging it came in. LOVED IT. It came in a black padded envelope, that said JewelMint on it. When you open the envelope, there's a mint box with a chocolate colored ribbon wrapped around it. Slide the ribbon off, and open the magnetically closed box, and find a velvet covered cushion, which pops right out. Then, under the cushion is the lovely velvet bag, complete with a JewelMint metal charm. And inside is the little trinket. It was really a treat to get. I feel like I ordered something for dessert. It's sweet and luxurious and a bit indulgent upon opening it. So, here, my sweets, are some photos of the deliciousness (and yes, that's my puppy off to the side investigating the package.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Order or Not To Order, That Is The Question- A Teaser

I have been postponing this blog, because I wanted to write it with some photos and such, but I'm going to start from here, and hopefully my bracelet will be here soon. So consider this a preview of sorts, to be finished while I sob as I'm following FNO on Twitter and watch Project Runway tomorrow evening. I hope.

Here are the upcoming topics of blogs:

Online shopping has taken a whole new turn with the invention of sites like Shoe Dazzle, Just Fab, JewelMint, StyleMint, BeautyMint, etc. I have begun to call, order from, and look through each company. Okay, maybe I haven't ordered from each company, but me and my friends are trying different things. I ordered a bracelet from JewelMint. Folly ordered a bracelet and has ordered from ShoeDazzle. I think the next shall be StyleMint.

I will also be explaining the process of (wait for it...) applying to fashion school. That's right, yours truly is applying to two fashion schools. Parson's New School of Design and FIDM. So, as the application process continues I'll be updating. I need all the motivation I can get.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to use the bathroom whilst wearing a romper...

Read this:

Perfect Purse

I need a new purse. A plum exploded in one of my favorites, and the rain at the baseball game may have destroyed one of my super reliable ones. So I'm taking part of my day tomorrow to remedy my need for a new purse. I started researching tonight. 

Here's what I know: in all of Vogue, there are very few purses. I scoured the last 2 months, and I am not finding any purses that I like, MOSTLY because they aren't showing very many of them. I know next month is September, and I know we'll all be seeing more purses, but that's for the spring. I'm ready to look into new purses for the fall. Burgundies, grays, and whites will be around. We'll see an absence of the neon colors that were EVERY where this summer (good riddance to most of those). Other than those 2 things I don't know why I'm going to be wearing and what I am going to have accessible for purchase. 

When are we going to see more bags?

Also: new boots. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Inspiration Declaration

My favorite part of most of the year is watching Gossip Girl and doing my nails. The problem I'm having right now is my personal motivation. I am not keeping up with my magazines, I'm not applying for jobs (this will change tomorrow), I'm barely keeping up with my nails, and I don't feel any inspiration. For years now, I've been considering making a bag that has the picture from a tee shirt as a focal piece. I have been trying and trying to sketch what I want, and nothing comes. I don't know what kind of material I want, I don't know what kind of pattern I want on the bag, and I don't know what style I want the bag.  I'm extremely disappointed in myself for not being able to get this done.

I did, however, realize that if I saved $15 a week (the amount I would typically spend of cigarettes) it would take 2.5 years for me to save up for a Marc Jacobs Stam bag.

I'm going to Starbucks and a movie tomorrow. Here's to hoping for some inspiration.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I took some time, because work has been super stressful, and while I've done some shopping, it's been less than inspired.

Today I was talking to the bestie (aka Folly) and we were discussing her love life and my future. See, as most best friends I know, we can be very different in our desires and goals. I am more focused on my career, and I think she is more focused on her personal life. I am not saying she isn't focused on her career, but she is ready to move forward with her personal life- it's more important to her than it is to me. I respect it. Anyways...

I was discussing with her a thought I had recently, a possible new goal, and I was thinking about why I love working with clothing, bags, and shoes.

At the same time (it was an email) we were discussing the pros and cons of online dating (sidenote: Folly, this is not a reflection of you, it's more of a societal observation, and I think that whatever decision you make is up to you). What is bothering me about this is that neither of us know how to meet guys. She's doing a little better than I am, but she's not meeting anyone who is in the same book as her. Guys don't come over and talk to girls any more. There just isn't as much ACTUAL social interaction, instead we have social network interaction. But this entire conversation had me thinking...

The reason I love clothes/fashion is that it's romantic. Instead of being so caught up in making life easier getting more crammed into the 24 hours of each day, clothes aren't about function. They're necessary, there's no argument against that (unless you're a nature-ist, in which case, you're SERIOUSLY missing out), but once we get past that we wear clothes as protection, it becomes romantic. It's about what we like, even people who claim they hate clothes. WhskyWrtr, another of my closest friends, doesn't put much into what she wears- it's about comfort. But there's still a bit of romanticism to it. She doesn't care what she wears, except that she does- she only wants things that are comfortable and allow her to move (completely understandable- she's a chef). I like things that make me feel feminine and sexy, but that changes every day. I like clothes, fashion, shoes etc because they are romantic, and make things beautiful.

So remember, when we spend all of our time communicating without any physical interaction, there are still things out there that are wonderful and beautiful and free and artistic. Don't get so lost in what we have to do that we forget the things we enjoy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

There are NO Words

I am okay with most anything in fashion, but this? THIS IS TOO FAR!

All this reminds me of is Friends when Joey did an ad for "Lipstick for Men." THAT WAS THE JOKE. No. NO.

That's really all I can say on the matter.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Summer Haircut

I am known for changing my hair at the drop of a hat. What's more is that I think I know what I want, and whenever I sit down in the chair, it's like the punk rock diva of my youth comes screaming out for something blunt and crazy, but generally cute. Last year my hair got as long as it had been since I was 13, which means it was finally past my shoulders. I didn't take very good care of it, and I decided that I would cut it into a bob. This was a bad idea. But I finally had it fixed last week. I am missing my long hair, but I know I'll survive. I'm working on growing it out. My issues lie in product and tools.

A couple of months ago, just after the move to Denver, my flatiron's on/off switch broke. It also has some damage to the cord. I spent a decent amount of money on it, and it's nice. But it's broken. It also kinda gets really hot around the broken switch.

I am almost out of my texture putty, and I am out of my curl mousse. I am working on the best way to enhance my hair-- give it shine, keep the ends from splitting, keeping it from the massive breaking I'm known for.

I am on a journey (the theme of the summer) to find the perfect combo for my hair. I've invested in the Bumble and Bumble salt water spray for curl (although I did get a nice hint from the Sephora peeps: too much and you'll have salt flakes in your hair). Next is shampoo, conditioner, and putty. Maybe a new hair spray (I am thinking of Tresseme, on recommendation of one of the ladies).

I'll be handing out recommendations when I make decisions, or as I try products, but feel free to throw recs at me!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wild Brunch (Brunch Bunch pt 3)

As a conclusion to the series, I've decided to explain the amazingness that was my brunch.

First off, I did wear my new shoes, which were a total hit yesterday. The add at least 6 inches. But I went with my gray lace skirt and a watermelon colored super-soft tank from the Gap. Folly looked adorable in a black skirt (it had a very sweet white pattern on it) and a black knit top.

While the company was wonderful (albeit not 100%), I think the shining moment, for me, was the food. (Please don't misunderstand me, I love my people, but I had no idea the brunch at The Hornet was soooo good.) I had fried chicken, an egg, ciabatta toast, fried potatoes and fruit. The chicken (and maple gravy) was like nothing I've ever tasted. The potatoes were perfect. Until then, I had never had perfect potatoes. So delicious. I loved the fruit. The egg was cooked well. The mimosas and the bloody's were $2.00. Each plate was $10.00- amazingly priced.

In other words, brunch was amazing. Check out the menu:

And as a cliff hanger: This weekend is Pridefest and the Westword Music Showcase. Pictures to follow of the second annual best day of summer. Hopefully.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Brunch Club (AKA the brunch bunch pt 2)

When in doubt I always consult tv shows. In times of fashion doubt, there are only a handful of shows to consult: Gossip Girl and Sex and the City are the very basics. So, as I've been thinking about brunch all day, I'm still figuring out what to wear. I've been watching some Gossip Girl, and it seems like there are some things that are always accepted for brunch:

1. White- Nothing says money like white.
2. Maxi dresses- with cool patterns
3. Heels- But, really, when isn't a good time for heels.
4. Hats- If you're outside.
5. Ruffles- really, anything feminine that looks nice if there's a breeze.
6. Pastels- but real pastels, not washed-out colors.
7. Baby Dolls- Comfort bonus.
8. Color- if you're not going to go white, you've got to go with some funk.
9. Empire waists- So that the waist doesn't get tight after all the food.
10. Drinks- because they make everything just a little more fab.

No, I haven't decided what to wear.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Brunch Bunch

So, Ms. Folly and I are having brunch, with our old college buddy on Sunday. Here's the conundrum: I am in DIRE need of heels. Specifically the new Jessica Simpson ones I purchased today. Pictures? Oh, I think so.

You see, when I have a particularly bad day, I am now choosing shoes over cigarettes. It's expensive, but I think, in the long run, it's cheaper. I went shopping a little tonight, and I've accomplished a maxi skirt- black, of course- neon tanks, and brown eyeliner. This all is here to explain my complete retail breakdown today. So, in a moment of nothing but raw weakness, I purchased (with a little help from a coupon)

So, here's the issue... in planning for my fabulous Sunday, I am trying to figure out what to wear to brunch. I love Sunday brunch, as it is an excuse to wear heels, gossip, laugh, embrace the hilarity of life, eat, and drink in the morning, and this is the first one I've ever really attended with the intention of being my fabulous self.

Consider this my late-night meditation on the use of the new heels. I'll keep everyone posted on what I'm in love with for Brunch, as well as, hopefully, some pics of the lovely Folly, the one man I'd carry a baby for, and me. Thank GOD for new shoes.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Online Fashion Sites

Alrighty, so I've been considering my favorite online site/emails and I've decided to (oh-so-generously) share them.

1. Marie-Claire emails. The absolute best info and trend reports. I love getting their emails, because there are always features on celebs at events, cute ideas for hair, make-up, shoes, health, and really anything else.

2. everything anyone could ever need to know about fashion. I think the one thing that continually brings me back is the easy access to designer's collections.

3. Email's from THE BEST DIY EMAILS EVER. I'm madly in love with it. MADLY.

4. whether it's crap or cute, it always provides entertainment.

5. wonderfully easy to navigate.

6. Barney's emails- Every day it's a little treat of something I can't afford, but is beautiful. It also gives me a heads up on upcoming trends to look for.

7. salemail- totes the easiest to navigate high fashion email ever. It gives you sales from the biggest selection of the best stores. I found my first Marc Jacobs purse through the email.

8. The Sephora Beauty Insider site/emails- Great updates on new everything, plus amazing deals on anything that you could ever need for beauty. My one complaint is how hard it is to navigate the nail polish colors.


10. 4 AM Finds by Stacy Bendet- emails from alice + olivia. Best, most eccentric cute items ever. They probably only come once every 2 weeks, but they are little gems.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Summer Desire List pt. 2

Okay, so when I created the list of my summer wants, I kept thinking about how I wanted GLADIATOR sandals. So I've been searching and searching for gladiators. And even though I keep finding sandals I like, I never buy them because they're not the gladiators I have been thinking that I want. And yesterday, after the chaos of my day, I was thinking about why I keep thinking I want gladiators, but every time I try them on I decide I dislike them.

So, here is the point of that little story:

I want gladiators because they're cool. They're funky and trendy, which is very me. I see myself as being trendy- which is not always a good thing- so I think I should give them a try. But why am I allowing my desires to be controlled by what I think my style is, when I'm not really attracted to these shoes.

So, while I worship at the houses of Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, W, Nylon, etc., I'm beginning to wonder why I don't go with my guy a little more. I trust my style, because it is me, but I also love to see what the authorities are saying. That being said, no one needs to let that be the be-all-end-all of personal style.

So, today, I went back and reviewed my list (which I am encouraging everyone to do- it makes shopping easier), and I found that I wanted "funky flat sandals." Not kidding. I never said gladiators, but that's what I had in my mind so I've hindered what I've been looking for.

Oh the game has officially changed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Update

The Fashion Blogger in me is disappointed with myself, because I'm just unable to balance the life I'm leading.

Trying to find time to work out, work, and attempt a social life is killing me. Also I really hurt my ankle.

There's the one sentence I was allowed to complain. Moving forward...

So I've gotten my hat, a maxi dress and that's it. I'm still looking for some awesome wedges, a maxi skirt, and a striped a-line.

Work is insane. We're getting new stuff in every week, and it's almost impossible to keep up with it, but our interns have arrived and I'm getting help from them. It's a lot of work trying to balance what we're carrying versus what the ladies want. It's not that I can do anything about what was ordered- I wasn't there for that- but it's all about trying to show the ladies that what is offered is wearable. Even the stuff that isn't. I'm sick of seafoam and blush. These colors are not that great, and because they're made of tech material (read: spandex/polyester) they look washed out, not pastel.

I'm buying shoes. Soon. 2 pairs. I'm getting sandals and heels. Because I deserve it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update, shoes, and color scheme

Soooooo, I'm officially in Denver, and I got my job. I am working as a merchandiser at a nice country club in Parker. It's a great job, I'm doing what I love, but the shop needs a lot of work. I'm the only girl, so it's a lot of work. Life is moving so fast, I barely know what to do with myself. Thank God for my best friend (let's call her Folly) and my other amazing friend (we'll call him the Musician). They've been keeping me sane. 

The job is amazing. I play in clothes all day long. I've forgotten how fun it is. The guys I work with are even more amazing. They make my day. The bar guys are hilarious and a nice balance to the guys in the shop. 

I've decided (via Folly) to join Because I need more shoes. RIIIIIIGHT. The search for the perfect gladiator continues. Also, I got a floppy hat. 

Work tomorrow is keeping me awake. How much pink is too much? When half of the stuff ordered for one shop is pink, I question why so much pink? I love pink, it's my favorite color... well that or cerulean. But... it's keeping me up. Well, here's to trying to sleep.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Muses are tricky little things...

So, I've been trying for 2 hours to blog. It's official. But suddenly an idea struck.

Well... hold on. I've been really out of the fashion mode lately. In small town Colorado, sometimes it's hard to be motivated to stay up on fashion and motivated to take care of one's self. Not just for me, but for anyone. I accidentally maimed my eyebrows and I am growing them back. But while I wait, my eyebrows have kind of turned into... caterpillers. Well not that bad, as my eyebrows have never been that bad, but still.

So back to my muse striking right as I was ready to go to bed.

The first order of business... SHOPPING business... when I get to Denver is to spend a day stalking out the cutest shoes and take pictures of them. I will not be purchasing any, but I want to take a look around and really delve into what is going on and what is accessible in my favorite fashion area. The goals will be as following:
1. A pair of shoes that cost more than $300.
2. A pair that cost less than $20.
3. A pair that is more than 4.5" tall.
Other than that, I am on the search for shoes of every style: vintage, wedge, pumps, platforms, sneakers... everything. Photo blog, here we come.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's been months...

I broke 2 computers in like... 2 weeks. I finally got another one.

Let's assess life: I've been working at an airport. I love it. I dress like hell. I'm moving to Denver in a couple of weeks. I'm terrified. I do not have a boyfriend. I do not have a girlfriend. I have a dog.

Let's talk about the 70's influence going down, shall we? As we all know, I'm obsessed with Marc Jacobs. He is my favorite. Yeah, it's clich├ęd, but still. I love him. So here are my must haves for summer, all based around the 70's influence and Marc Jacobs's line:

1. High waisted hot pants. In denim and jewel tones.
2. Awesome, large-brimmed wicker hats.
3. Chunky, multi-colored wedges.
4. Funky flat sandals.
5. Multi-colored knit tops.
6. Fake tanner for my legs.
7. Maxi dresses/skirts. I know they are (like) so 2 years ago, but I am still obsessed.
8. Bold, chunky floral jewelry.
9. A-line skirts in stripes.
10. Jumpers/rompers. But I'm like 2.

That's just the beginning. More to come.

Oh, and dressing for job interviews can be fun. Unless your brown pumps die.