Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Brunch Club (AKA the brunch bunch pt 2)

When in doubt I always consult tv shows. In times of fashion doubt, there are only a handful of shows to consult: Gossip Girl and Sex and the City are the very basics. So, as I've been thinking about brunch all day, I'm still figuring out what to wear. I've been watching some Gossip Girl, and it seems like there are some things that are always accepted for brunch:

1. White- Nothing says money like white.
2. Maxi dresses- with cool patterns
3. Heels- But, really, when isn't a good time for heels.
4. Hats- If you're outside.
5. Ruffles- really, anything feminine that looks nice if there's a breeze.
6. Pastels- but real pastels, not washed-out colors.
7. Baby Dolls- Comfort bonus.
8. Color- if you're not going to go white, you've got to go with some funk.
9. Empire waists- So that the waist doesn't get tight after all the food.
10. Drinks- because they make everything just a little more fab.

No, I haven't decided what to wear.

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