Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I believe in setting goals. I have several, but my latest goal is that I really must lose weight. I was looking at chictopia.com and I saw this girl with the most INSANE body. As a size 14 who wants to be in the fashion industry, I understand that I won't even be able to wear most designers at the size I am. I'm going to continue blogging about fashion, but I'm also going to keep updating on weight lost.

No, I do not believe fashion should be as limiting as it is, but I also understand that it is. If Lagerfeld is ever going to talk to me, I must be skinnier.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to wear when...

Okay, so you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Even if you don't, you will eventually. And it's getting a little serious. His/her parents are coming to town. You'll be meeting them for the first time.

Now is the time to panic, right? WRONG!

While meeting there parents of your significant other is important, there's good news. What you wear matters. First impressions matter. Wear something feminine. It's non-threatening. Skirts, dresses, cigarette pants. Nothing that words like "Mini" or "plunging" could describe. Sweater sets are always good. Look polite. Smile. Don't wear too much make up. Smile.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The importance of knowing your body...

Today I played in a golf tournament, and it made me think about the importance of knowing your body for whatever situation you're in.

What made me think about this is the fact that when I golf my breasts get in the way if I don't wear a tight sports bra. Now, most people don't think about golf as a sport where you need that sort of thing, but, for me, it's important to my success at the sport to bind myself down.

So, I'm going to use this week to talk about using fashion to make yourself as successful as possible. Let's start with something near and dear to my heart right now: applying for a job. The thing is, you never know who you're giving your application to. You don't want to be too dressy, but at the same time, you want to look professional. Skirts for women are good. Look clean, crisp. Do your hair and make-up. Wear shoes that you would wear while working there. Don't look like you're there to work, but look like you're someone who could work there.

I love a good a-line or pencil skirt that is an appropriate length. Dress pants are also acceptable. A collared shirt, like a polo or dress shirt, or a nice sweater or cardigan over an appropriate shirt always looks clean. for shoes I like sensible heels, ballet flats, or dressy sandals looks great.

Don't wear shorts, especially hot pants or short-shorts, tank tops, skirts that are too short or anything with holes in it.

And most importantly... BE CONFIDENT! That's what wins you the job!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The moment of truth

I've been out putting out applications to move forward with my life, hence the lack of blog in the last week.

However, I didn't miss out on some serious shopping moments. So stay tuned this week for some amazing observations... or something like that.

However, I will leave you with this: Congrats to Graeme McDowell! Check out what he wore during the U.S. Open! He looked amazing

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Andre Leon Talley...

Someone asked me why Andre Leon Talley was so influential in fashion. I started to answer, but then I realized I didn't have a good answer beyond, "Because he's amazing and knows what he's talking about." I didn't find that to be a valid answer, so I decided to tackle it.

Why is Andre Leon Talley is influential because he gets that fashion is not just what you're wearing. It's about what's going on around you. If it was only about clothes, Ralph Lauren would not be opening restaurants in Paris, Marc Jacobs wouldn't be using his fashion shows to make social commentary on recycling, and Karl Lagerfeld and Claudia Schiffer would not be in such hot water for the black-face ads. Andre Leon Talley understands why all of these events are part of the fashion world.

Fashion has been around for centuries. Andre Leon Talley understands that fashion is a commentary of the time, and the time is influenced by fashion. He knows the history, and he is a part of pushing the limits in the future. If he mentions you in Vogue just assume you've hit it big in the fashion world.

He seems to be able to tell a story and report, as he writes. If you read his column (yes, I do. Every month.) you understand that he seems to embody the fashion industry by being able to report on what event was so hot at that moment, what everyone who was anyone was wearing, but then he can make it relevant to the over-all landscape of the U.S. and the world.

He understands that American fashion is different than French, and he may belong in the French world with his clothes. He is the man that worked very hard to get to where he is today, and he is very passionate because he is doing what he loves.

Andre Leon Talley, Living Legend.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The best thing I've found

Okay so, the thing is that I really hate promoting stuff, but this site http://www.chictopia.com is probably the best thing I've ever encountered.

That being said, I need to update.

So, alice + olivia is also my new favorite thing to check out. I like the whole classy grunge thing. It's got this whole, I'm young and can get away with this at a point where I don't know that we really have that. I mean, I want to own my look, but the thing I'm seeing is that most of my generation doesn't take risks with fashion. What is fashion without risk? I think that's why Alexander McQueen was so influential to me. He was a risk taker. He loved risks, and was never afraid to commit to something shocking.

We should all be taking risks. Why must everything be black and blue and gray? Where's color and pattern, trying length or volume? Texture, people! I think that's what the average woman is missing in fashion. I say bring it on.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A list of things I'm over

1. Gladiator sandals. Yes, Marie Claire and Vogue have called them dead.
2. Harem pants. I'm sorry, you're bigger than a size 0? Yeah, your ass looks huge.
3. Overalls. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw wore them. Doesn't mean you should. They're very strange, they make your ass look huge, and they're box-y.
4. Leg warmers. No.
5. Baggy tank tops that are longer in the front and shorter on the sides. That's hideous.

Just an FYI.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, it's been a while...

I've just switched out The September Issue for Project Runway. The dog episode. I couldn't listen to Grace flip her shit anymore. I love Grace, and I think she's typically justified in most of her issues, but not tonight. I just feel like I need to write.

I am constantly thinking about my fashion, expanding it, and how to improve my knowledge. Tonight I was looking through 50 Shoes that Changed the World, or something like that, then I chose You Know You Want It, by Eric Daman, who does the costumes- if that's what you really want to call them- on Gossip Girl, then I decided on Elle for a while. (Yes, I was not busy, even for St. Patty's Day. I wore a cute Irish outfit, did not go out.)

Anyway, my point is this: After reading and watching and living these clothes, I actually realized that even with my history, my anti-fashion, my wanna-be Spice Girls days, etc., I've always been fashionable. I was thinking about these corduroy pants I had when I was 11. I was struggling, because I was a little more... advanced than most girls at that age (I was tall, I had boobs, I wanted to be an athlete) but I had these pants that I loved. Now, looking back at them, they were odd and too short, but still, these pants were so cool. they were made of 3 different corduroy fabrics, robin's egg blue, navy blue, and a royal blue, with different kinds of corduroy. Maybe not the most timeless pants I've ever owned (see my tweed, wide-leg trouser), but for 1997, they were freaking awesome. Then, once I moved from Mesquite to Colorado, I hit my "anti-fashion" phase. I thought I was being unique and not trendy, but now all I can think about is the line in SLC Punk! that Summer Phoenix utters near the end about people who want to be different all wearing the same uniform. Plaid bottom, band tee, look at me, I'm so unique, just like everyone else.

I was thinking, because I am gaining confidence in myself, about how, even though I may not have been as into fashion as I am now, I always had my really unique sense of fashion. And honestly, I'm lucky enough to have found something I love. It's always been there, it's just been about fine-tuning it. Which is never done. Always keep looking, keep changing, keep educating, always make yourself the best you can be. Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best Television Fashion

Okay, I was looking at the most fashionable/fashion inspiring tv shows, and I was kind of appalled that at the list. The number 1 show? Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Absolutely not. So here's my list:
1. Sex and the City. Yes, it's expected. But in the words of Carrie Bradshaw herself, "I may not know men, but i know shoes!" The fact of the matter is that the women in SATC were each fashionable in a different way, but, also, allowed women to see that they can be sexy, confident, well-dressed women without losing individuality.
2. Gossip Girl. Yes, it's a new show, but the fact of the matter is that it changed how all viewers understand how the fashion can be dictated by the upper class, and how television can effect fashion. The sheer fact that Victoria's Secret built a line based on GG shows how influential a tv show can be.
3. Project Runway. Seriously, the greatest thing ever. It doesn't even need to be explained.
4. Charlie's Angels. Feathered hair and hot pants. Seriously, I think that says it all.
5. Blossom. Feathered hair in the 90's. Hats with big flowers on them and muti-colored tights. I believe Marc Jacobs had muticolored tights and big hats in last year's show. Also, poofy-skirts, and debating sex in high school. I think Blossom HAS to be mentioned.

Next time, I'll do movies.