Friday, January 31, 2014

Hiatus... Beauty... Fashion...

I married a job in 2012. Married it. Made it my entire life. For a year and a half. It exhausted me, made me hate everything about my life, fashion, beauty, and anything that made me happy- outside of food.

But this... this is important. This blog is important. I can make it anything. So, I'm coming back to it, committing to it. It will be an extension of a tumblr account I need to set up. But it will be.

So back to the point... The point is fashion... So my must-haves for early 2014.

1) Pleated maxi skirt.
The pleated maxi is really the quintessential piece to straddle the line between the eccentric 80's inspired fashion of the last few years and the minimalist 90's inspired fashion of 2014 and the next few years. It's soft and flowy, but still irreverent and fun. Dress it up with chunky heels, dress it down with boots, flats, or sandals. Add a casual sweater/sweatshirt and a chunky, sparkly necklace to achieve perfect street style.

2) Oversized sweater
Cozy, minimal, perfect for days off. Add it to leggings and boots and be chic and sophisticated. Throw it over a tank top, crop top, or casual tee and the maxi skirt above and make it cozy, funky, fun. Perfect for the cooler months, hold on to it for winter, spring, and fall.

3) Facial oil
The beauty trend of the season. Add it to my list of products I can't live without: BB/CC cream and the Chanel Les Beiges powder. The Boscia oil is perfect for my combo/oily skin, but provides radiance and hydration thanks to the addition of Camillia extract. It smells heavenly, feels luxurious, and the price point is manageable.

4) Pointy toe Mary Janes
In the words of Carrie Bradshaw "I thought they were an urban shoe myth!" Sexy, stylish yet simple: completely on point.

5) Deep lipstick.

Dark, deep, sexy. The throwback to the early 90's, be brave with the lip. Keep the eye light and simple to avoid looking goth, but be brave!