Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gossip Leads To...

"How do you feel about over-the-knee boots, in general? I don't know how I feel about that trend just yet."

I say, NOT A TREND! It's always in fashion with someone. I mean, my personal favorites belong to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but she is playing a hooker. Okay, my actual ruling? It depends (much like every other kind of clothing) on the boot. I, personally, think the flat version needs to die. Why make your self look stumpy, tall, pretty model? I mean, I am short, so it's really out for me, but I'm absolutely not a fan of the flat. However, a sexy, otk book can be fabulous. Seriously. But to wear it, you must be fearless. The key to success (and this will seem difficult) would be to pair it with an outfit that doesn't make you look like a hooker. You're going to be in something short, presumably (cause why are you wearing them if you're covering them up?) but it is important to live by my one rule of not looking like a whore: If you're going short on bottom, keep the top covered up. If you're going long on bottom, then it's probably best to show a little skin up top (there are exceptions to this rule: Blake Lively.) Even though you're going to be mostly covered in the boots, you still don't want to show off too much up top, thus getting what I will call "The Hooker Effect."

The other thing is that otk boots make their own statement. They do not need to be jazzed up. In fact they should be black, dark brown at their craziest. No joke. Point and Case?

Marie Claire used this to state how bad the otk boot is. No, Angie Harmon's just have too much going on.

So here's a pic with 2 of my favorite otk boots, and actually Brooke Hogan's aren't terrible. It's going to be the low-cut leopard slip dress that is skin tight that ruins this look. Anne Hathaway is rocking Chanel, and well, who doesn't LOVE Pretty Woman?!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm back...

Okay, sorry for the long break, but finishing up college and graduating and Christmas took priority. But I accomplished it all!

So, my best friend and I have been talking winter (we do live in Colorado), and more importantly how hard it is to find cute, safe boots! Here's the thing, I live in a literal ice box, so it is completely practical to have snow boots, which I do. However, when it is not super snowy or icy, flat, well-treaded boots are completely practical and can be cute. I found one pair I loved and another I liked, both on sale, and I'm not forseeing a long lifetime for either, but still, at least they're cute, and I know what I like in a flat boot. However, my best friend and I do not have similar taste... in ANYTHING. So, my super cute violet flat boots with the wide, square toe works for me, but for her, I think something quieter. I am searching through Saks, Macy's, my super secret store, Charlotte Russe (where I got my boots), and I cannot find one flat boot that suits her! So here's the problem- flat boots, the safest, cutest way to travel in the winter. I mean, while I desire Moon Boots like there's no tomorrow, not everyone does. And since I am not a proprietor Ugg boots, I am on the search for perfect flat boots for all women.

Behold, my findings: