Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Inspiration Declaration

My favorite part of most of the year is watching Gossip Girl and doing my nails. The problem I'm having right now is my personal motivation. I am not keeping up with my magazines, I'm not applying for jobs (this will change tomorrow), I'm barely keeping up with my nails, and I don't feel any inspiration. For years now, I've been considering making a bag that has the picture from a tee shirt as a focal piece. I have been trying and trying to sketch what I want, and nothing comes. I don't know what kind of material I want, I don't know what kind of pattern I want on the bag, and I don't know what style I want the bag.  I'm extremely disappointed in myself for not being able to get this done.

I did, however, realize that if I saved $15 a week (the amount I would typically spend of cigarettes) it would take 2.5 years for me to save up for a Marc Jacobs Stam bag.

I'm going to Starbucks and a movie tomorrow. Here's to hoping for some inspiration.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I took some time, because work has been super stressful, and while I've done some shopping, it's been less than inspired.

Today I was talking to the bestie (aka Folly) and we were discussing her love life and my future. See, as most best friends I know, we can be very different in our desires and goals. I am more focused on my career, and I think she is more focused on her personal life. I am not saying she isn't focused on her career, but she is ready to move forward with her personal life- it's more important to her than it is to me. I respect it. Anyways...

I was discussing with her a thought I had recently, a possible new goal, and I was thinking about why I love working with clothing, bags, and shoes.

At the same time (it was an email) we were discussing the pros and cons of online dating (sidenote: Folly, this is not a reflection of you, it's more of a societal observation, and I think that whatever decision you make is up to you). What is bothering me about this is that neither of us know how to meet guys. She's doing a little better than I am, but she's not meeting anyone who is in the same book as her. Guys don't come over and talk to girls any more. There just isn't as much ACTUAL social interaction, instead we have social network interaction. But this entire conversation had me thinking...

The reason I love clothes/fashion is that it's romantic. Instead of being so caught up in making life easier getting more crammed into the 24 hours of each day, clothes aren't about function. They're necessary, there's no argument against that (unless you're a nature-ist, in which case, you're SERIOUSLY missing out), but once we get past that we wear clothes as protection, it becomes romantic. It's about what we like, even people who claim they hate clothes. WhskyWrtr, another of my closest friends, doesn't put much into what she wears- it's about comfort. But there's still a bit of romanticism to it. She doesn't care what she wears, except that she does- she only wants things that are comfortable and allow her to move (completely understandable- she's a chef). I like things that make me feel feminine and sexy, but that changes every day. I like clothes, fashion, shoes etc because they are romantic, and make things beautiful.

So remember, when we spend all of our time communicating without any physical interaction, there are still things out there that are wonderful and beautiful and free and artistic. Don't get so lost in what we have to do that we forget the things we enjoy.