Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Inspiration Declaration

My favorite part of most of the year is watching Gossip Girl and doing my nails. The problem I'm having right now is my personal motivation. I am not keeping up with my magazines, I'm not applying for jobs (this will change tomorrow), I'm barely keeping up with my nails, and I don't feel any inspiration. For years now, I've been considering making a bag that has the picture from a tee shirt as a focal piece. I have been trying and trying to sketch what I want, and nothing comes. I don't know what kind of material I want, I don't know what kind of pattern I want on the bag, and I don't know what style I want the bag.  I'm extremely disappointed in myself for not being able to get this done.

I did, however, realize that if I saved $15 a week (the amount I would typically spend of cigarettes) it would take 2.5 years for me to save up for a Marc Jacobs Stam bag.

I'm going to Starbucks and a movie tomorrow. Here's to hoping for some inspiration.

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