Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hi everyone!

I know, I haven't been around. Please forgive me. Work has me consumed, as well as dating. Or kind of dating. Or whatever. And realistically I have another "Blog" I'm running that I love and takes no work. However, I swear I am trying to be back here more. More commentary on shoes and skin and beauty and clothes...

Oh clothes...

That's the other part of the problem. The growth of fashion and trends is making me sad. Street style doesn't completely suck, but I'm sick of seeing hipster style clothing. I'm sick of that being the defining moment of style right now. I still want to see the high end, pretty girls, not girls who are trying to show they're down to earth using their clothes. It's okay to not have 10,000 patterns going on and 17 layers, with a hat or headband and scarf and long necklace and 14 bracelets and a cross body bag. IT'S NOT CUTE. I'm over it. Calvin Klein needs to usher in minimalism again.

So there's my apology. It's kind of half-assed, isn't it? Are you really surprised?