Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Needs- non clothing

I'll come back and tell you all about what happened with Nordstrom, but I found the dress and some amazing clothes.

This spring, though I think there's a lot being overlooked. There are certain things that every woman needs to have, especially in that transition from winter to summer. Spring is always a good time for rebirth and reinvention. So it's always a good time to revisit what you need to get you through the summer.

First thing you need: Sunglasses.

For sunglasses, I have one recommendation. Find one pair you love, show them to 3 different people, invest in them, and take care of them. Then spend $14-16 on cheap, trendy pairs at Target and Forever 21. For me, I cannot live without my Marc by Marc Jacobs cat eyes. I spent $75  on them, and I love them. I also can't live without my heart-shaped skull glasses. But get ones that work for you. I always recommend Ray Bans. If you want the best aviators check out Michael Kors and Tom Ford. And if you prefer oversized Jackie O. glasses, look at Chanel and Tory Burch. But remember classics are the ones to invest in. If you want something with a lot of color or super on trend, definitely check out some lower priced sun glasses. You'll love the classics for longer, and won't feel bad when the cheap ones go into the pool.

The second thing you need: The perfect summer lip.

For me, this year, it's pink. I'm all about pink. For this summer, my big investment was in Pantone's color of the year, Exotic Orchid. I also went with a baby pink from Lancome's Rouge in Love line. I also swear by Secret by Chanel (Rouge Coco Shine), Shiaap by Nars, and Saga by Chanel (again, Rouge Coco Shine). For those who like less color, try Boy from Chanel.

(Glasses from Target, Lipstick from Sephora, Pantone Exotic Orchid.)

The Third Thing You Need: Fragrance

The best part about spring and summer is moving away from the dark mysterious scents that are perfect for winter. I love my winter scents- Chanel Coco Noir and Chanel Allure Sensuelle- but spring and summer are all about the lighter, airier scents. I personally go to Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere, Marc Jacobs Daisy or Lola, and Calvin Klein's Downtown. I'm also OBSESSED with Bond's I *HEART* NY, but it's a unisex, year-round fragrance. I also recommend Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle and Chance Eau Fraiche or Eau Tendre. If you want something different, check out Gucci's Flora.

The Fourth Thing You Need: Texturizing Hair Product

Nothing says spring and summer like super-texturized waves. I can't say enough about having a great spray to give your hair body and texture. I love the bumble and bumble salt spray, but this year, I'm trying the Not Your Mother's texturizing salt spray. Don't forget to make sure you use an oil to add moisture back into the hair.

The Fifth Thing You Need: Bronzer

I know I'm ready for summer when I bust out the bronzer. It can give glow, add color, and provide a summer glow depending on how you use it, and which products you use. Personally, I swear by Chanel Les Beige and Chanel Soliel Tan de Chanel's Sunkissed and gel bronzer. Depending on the look you are going for Estee Lauder's summer bronzer's are always great and add shimmer. I also recommend Dior Nude, and Physician's Formula for a drug store brand. If you're looking for an all-over body bronzer, check out St. Tropez's mousse or Lancome's leg. Those are great self tanners that are easy to apply and are never orange.

The 6th Thing You Need: Lipbalm/Chapstick

It's spring. You're outside. It's warming up and the wind is blowing and your lips? They're feeling dry. Like you haven't had water in months. Yeah, it's so important to have something to keep your lips feeling good. I have Marc Jacobs Lip Lock Moisture Balm. It's minty and cooling, but thick and moisturizing. I also always have at least one Baby Lips tinted balm with me. I am loving the new extra strength colors for spring, especially in coral.

The Seventh Thing You Need: Perfect Ballet Flats

I'm always feeling Bridget Bardot. Always. But in the spring, nothing feels more natural than a cobble stone street, a vespa, and the perfect, comfortable ballet flats. Steve Madden is making them in so many colors, but if you want cheap, trendy ones, again I suggest Target, Forever 21, or H&M. They're easy to wear on a spring walk, but they're great for brunch, dates, leisurely bike rides, and ice cream dates. Okay, no one goes on ice cream dates, BUT IF I DID I WOULD WEAR THESE SHOES! (The color is called carnation. It goes great with emerald.) 

The Eighth Thing You Need: A Camera

I'm watching all of my friends get older and yet, spring is when we are all out doing fun things. Whether it is travelling the California coast on your honeymoon or celebrating the newest edition to your family- either the new baby or new dog- we are all creating memories. I feel like we are all so much on the go and we always are using the cameras on our phones. Don't forget to print some out, keep, and have to look at. Personally, I invested in an instant camera. I will never print out pictures, so this will be some fun to have for the next few years.