Friday, November 16, 2012

Shoe Dazzle vs. JustFab pt 2.

I love how everyone finds this blog because I did the compare and contrast with the shoes. So here's the second part.

I can quit Shoe Dazzle any time I want. They don't make me sign up, they're not doing monthly fees any more, and it's easy. I am completely comfortable. Because I don't like most of the shoes they produce and I feel like they look a little... unfinished.

JustFab... Oh trying to leave JustFab... I've tried several times, all unsuccessfully. They still have the monthly fees, and they hide how to skip the month, and it's just a pain. I want to quit. I really do. But here's the thing with that. To quit JustFab, you have to call them. I can never get them on the phone (be it to change sizes on a shoe, ask about an order, or asking to quit), but when I do they're often confused and disoriented. I love the shoes I got from them, except they're too big. The bag I got is ADORABLE, but kind of impractical. I wanted to get a credit for it. Needless to say, months later, I still have the bag. It's fine. I like it.

So this blog is going on a journey. I had a really rough day at work. I am trying to show people that they are in desperate need of Chanel, but they don't seem to believe me. Actually it's a bunch of stuff all having nothing to do with selling. Any way... I needed cheering up. So I was shoe shopping. I need boots, wedge boots. Something funky. But black. So I start my journey all over the internet. Including these 2 sites.

So, this is why I ended up back at DSW. I was looking through these sites, but the heels on their boots were too high for me to stand on at work for 8 hours a day or they were deathly boring. I can't have a boring shoe. I wear all black all day. I wear pencil skirts every day. My shoes are my one chance to own my outfit. So I need function and fashion. I may have paid more for the shoes I got, but I can guarantee that they will fit, that if something is wrong I'll be able to return or exchange them, I don't have to rely on the phone and computer, and I can have what I want.

I think the problem with fashion right now is that we are settling. Instead of buying EXACTLY what we want, we are buying what is cheap. Spend a little more, the shoes will fit and feel better, wear longer, and keep you happy. In the end, you'll spend less, because you're getting what you want (unless we're talking Louboutins. That's a different level.) So, here. What I decided on, instead of spending $40 to be unhappy and uncomfortable in my boots. And no, I don't think I'll be purchasing from the JustFab line again. Maybe ShoeDazzle, definitely the Mint lines, bust JustFab? I'm just over it.