Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Summer Desire List pt. 2

Okay, so when I created the list of my summer wants, I kept thinking about how I wanted GLADIATOR sandals. So I've been searching and searching for gladiators. And even though I keep finding sandals I like, I never buy them because they're not the gladiators I have been thinking that I want. And yesterday, after the chaos of my day, I was thinking about why I keep thinking I want gladiators, but every time I try them on I decide I dislike them.

So, here is the point of that little story:

I want gladiators because they're cool. They're funky and trendy, which is very me. I see myself as being trendy- which is not always a good thing- so I think I should give them a try. But why am I allowing my desires to be controlled by what I think my style is, when I'm not really attracted to these shoes.

So, while I worship at the houses of Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, W, Nylon, etc., I'm beginning to wonder why I don't go with my guy a little more. I trust my style, because it is me, but I also love to see what the authorities are saying. That being said, no one needs to let that be the be-all-end-all of personal style.

So, today, I went back and reviewed my list (which I am encouraging everyone to do- it makes shopping easier), and I found that I wanted "funky flat sandals." Not kidding. I never said gladiators, but that's what I had in my mind so I've hindered what I've been looking for.

Oh the game has officially changed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Update

The Fashion Blogger in me is disappointed with myself, because I'm just unable to balance the life I'm leading.

Trying to find time to work out, work, and attempt a social life is killing me. Also I really hurt my ankle.

There's the one sentence I was allowed to complain. Moving forward...

So I've gotten my hat, a maxi dress and that's it. I'm still looking for some awesome wedges, a maxi skirt, and a striped a-line.

Work is insane. We're getting new stuff in every week, and it's almost impossible to keep up with it, but our interns have arrived and I'm getting help from them. It's a lot of work trying to balance what we're carrying versus what the ladies want. It's not that I can do anything about what was ordered- I wasn't there for that- but it's all about trying to show the ladies that what is offered is wearable. Even the stuff that isn't. I'm sick of seafoam and blush. These colors are not that great, and because they're made of tech material (read: spandex/polyester) they look washed out, not pastel.

I'm buying shoes. Soon. 2 pairs. I'm getting sandals and heels. Because I deserve it.