Monday, June 27, 2011

There are NO Words

I am okay with most anything in fashion, but this? THIS IS TOO FAR!

All this reminds me of is Friends when Joey did an ad for "Lipstick for Men." THAT WAS THE JOKE. No. NO.

That's really all I can say on the matter.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Summer Haircut

I am known for changing my hair at the drop of a hat. What's more is that I think I know what I want, and whenever I sit down in the chair, it's like the punk rock diva of my youth comes screaming out for something blunt and crazy, but generally cute. Last year my hair got as long as it had been since I was 13, which means it was finally past my shoulders. I didn't take very good care of it, and I decided that I would cut it into a bob. This was a bad idea. But I finally had it fixed last week. I am missing my long hair, but I know I'll survive. I'm working on growing it out. My issues lie in product and tools.

A couple of months ago, just after the move to Denver, my flatiron's on/off switch broke. It also has some damage to the cord. I spent a decent amount of money on it, and it's nice. But it's broken. It also kinda gets really hot around the broken switch.

I am almost out of my texture putty, and I am out of my curl mousse. I am working on the best way to enhance my hair-- give it shine, keep the ends from splitting, keeping it from the massive breaking I'm known for.

I am on a journey (the theme of the summer) to find the perfect combo for my hair. I've invested in the Bumble and Bumble salt water spray for curl (although I did get a nice hint from the Sephora peeps: too much and you'll have salt flakes in your hair). Next is shampoo, conditioner, and putty. Maybe a new hair spray (I am thinking of Tresseme, on recommendation of one of the ladies).

I'll be handing out recommendations when I make decisions, or as I try products, but feel free to throw recs at me!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wild Brunch (Brunch Bunch pt 3)

As a conclusion to the series, I've decided to explain the amazingness that was my brunch.

First off, I did wear my new shoes, which were a total hit yesterday. The add at least 6 inches. But I went with my gray lace skirt and a watermelon colored super-soft tank from the Gap. Folly looked adorable in a black skirt (it had a very sweet white pattern on it) and a black knit top.

While the company was wonderful (albeit not 100%), I think the shining moment, for me, was the food. (Please don't misunderstand me, I love my people, but I had no idea the brunch at The Hornet was soooo good.) I had fried chicken, an egg, ciabatta toast, fried potatoes and fruit. The chicken (and maple gravy) was like nothing I've ever tasted. The potatoes were perfect. Until then, I had never had perfect potatoes. So delicious. I loved the fruit. The egg was cooked well. The mimosas and the bloody's were $2.00. Each plate was $10.00- amazingly priced.

In other words, brunch was amazing. Check out the menu:

And as a cliff hanger: This weekend is Pridefest and the Westword Music Showcase. Pictures to follow of the second annual best day of summer. Hopefully.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Brunch Club (AKA the brunch bunch pt 2)

When in doubt I always consult tv shows. In times of fashion doubt, there are only a handful of shows to consult: Gossip Girl and Sex and the City are the very basics. So, as I've been thinking about brunch all day, I'm still figuring out what to wear. I've been watching some Gossip Girl, and it seems like there are some things that are always accepted for brunch:

1. White- Nothing says money like white.
2. Maxi dresses- with cool patterns
3. Heels- But, really, when isn't a good time for heels.
4. Hats- If you're outside.
5. Ruffles- really, anything feminine that looks nice if there's a breeze.
6. Pastels- but real pastels, not washed-out colors.
7. Baby Dolls- Comfort bonus.
8. Color- if you're not going to go white, you've got to go with some funk.
9. Empire waists- So that the waist doesn't get tight after all the food.
10. Drinks- because they make everything just a little more fab.

No, I haven't decided what to wear.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Brunch Bunch

So, Ms. Folly and I are having brunch, with our old college buddy on Sunday. Here's the conundrum: I am in DIRE need of heels. Specifically the new Jessica Simpson ones I purchased today. Pictures? Oh, I think so.

You see, when I have a particularly bad day, I am now choosing shoes over cigarettes. It's expensive, but I think, in the long run, it's cheaper. I went shopping a little tonight, and I've accomplished a maxi skirt- black, of course- neon tanks, and brown eyeliner. This all is here to explain my complete retail breakdown today. So, in a moment of nothing but raw weakness, I purchased (with a little help from a coupon)

So, here's the issue... in planning for my fabulous Sunday, I am trying to figure out what to wear to brunch. I love Sunday brunch, as it is an excuse to wear heels, gossip, laugh, embrace the hilarity of life, eat, and drink in the morning, and this is the first one I've ever really attended with the intention of being my fabulous self.

Consider this my late-night meditation on the use of the new heels. I'll keep everyone posted on what I'm in love with for Brunch, as well as, hopefully, some pics of the lovely Folly, the one man I'd carry a baby for, and me. Thank GOD for new shoes.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Online Fashion Sites

Alrighty, so I've been considering my favorite online site/emails and I've decided to (oh-so-generously) share them.

1. Marie-Claire emails. The absolute best info and trend reports. I love getting their emails, because there are always features on celebs at events, cute ideas for hair, make-up, shoes, health, and really anything else.

2. everything anyone could ever need to know about fashion. I think the one thing that continually brings me back is the easy access to designer's collections.

3. Email's from THE BEST DIY EMAILS EVER. I'm madly in love with it. MADLY.

4. whether it's crap or cute, it always provides entertainment.

5. wonderfully easy to navigate.

6. Barney's emails- Every day it's a little treat of something I can't afford, but is beautiful. It also gives me a heads up on upcoming trends to look for.

7. salemail- totes the easiest to navigate high fashion email ever. It gives you sales from the biggest selection of the best stores. I found my first Marc Jacobs purse through the email.

8. The Sephora Beauty Insider site/emails- Great updates on new everything, plus amazing deals on anything that you could ever need for beauty. My one complaint is how hard it is to navigate the nail polish colors.


10. 4 AM Finds by Stacy Bendet- emails from alice + olivia. Best, most eccentric cute items ever. They probably only come once every 2 weeks, but they are little gems.