Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wild Brunch (Brunch Bunch pt 3)

As a conclusion to the series, I've decided to explain the amazingness that was my brunch.

First off, I did wear my new shoes, which were a total hit yesterday. The add at least 6 inches. But I went with my gray lace skirt and a watermelon colored super-soft tank from the Gap. Folly looked adorable in a black skirt (it had a very sweet white pattern on it) and a black knit top.

While the company was wonderful (albeit not 100%), I think the shining moment, for me, was the food. (Please don't misunderstand me, I love my people, but I had no idea the brunch at The Hornet was soooo good.) I had fried chicken, an egg, ciabatta toast, fried potatoes and fruit. The chicken (and maple gravy) was like nothing I've ever tasted. The potatoes were perfect. Until then, I had never had perfect potatoes. So delicious. I loved the fruit. The egg was cooked well. The mimosas and the bloody's were $2.00. Each plate was $10.00- amazingly priced.

In other words, brunch was amazing. Check out the menu:

And as a cliff hanger: This weekend is Pridefest and the Westword Music Showcase. Pictures to follow of the second annual best day of summer. Hopefully.

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