Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Online Fashion Sites

Alrighty, so I've been considering my favorite online site/emails and I've decided to (oh-so-generously) share them.

1. Marie-Claire emails. The absolute best info and trend reports. I love getting their emails, because there are always features on celebs at events, cute ideas for hair, make-up, shoes, health, and really anything else.

2. everything anyone could ever need to know about fashion. I think the one thing that continually brings me back is the easy access to designer's collections.

3. Email's from THE BEST DIY EMAILS EVER. I'm madly in love with it. MADLY.

4. whether it's crap or cute, it always provides entertainment.

5. wonderfully easy to navigate.

6. Barney's emails- Every day it's a little treat of something I can't afford, but is beautiful. It also gives me a heads up on upcoming trends to look for.

7. salemail- totes the easiest to navigate high fashion email ever. It gives you sales from the biggest selection of the best stores. I found my first Marc Jacobs purse through the email.

8. The Sephora Beauty Insider site/emails- Great updates on new everything, plus amazing deals on anything that you could ever need for beauty. My one complaint is how hard it is to navigate the nail polish colors.


10. 4 AM Finds by Stacy Bendet- emails from alice + olivia. Best, most eccentric cute items ever. They probably only come once every 2 weeks, but they are little gems.

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