Friday, June 10, 2011

The Brunch Bunch

So, Ms. Folly and I are having brunch, with our old college buddy on Sunday. Here's the conundrum: I am in DIRE need of heels. Specifically the new Jessica Simpson ones I purchased today. Pictures? Oh, I think so.

You see, when I have a particularly bad day, I am now choosing shoes over cigarettes. It's expensive, but I think, in the long run, it's cheaper. I went shopping a little tonight, and I've accomplished a maxi skirt- black, of course- neon tanks, and brown eyeliner. This all is here to explain my complete retail breakdown today. So, in a moment of nothing but raw weakness, I purchased (with a little help from a coupon)

So, here's the issue... in planning for my fabulous Sunday, I am trying to figure out what to wear to brunch. I love Sunday brunch, as it is an excuse to wear heels, gossip, laugh, embrace the hilarity of life, eat, and drink in the morning, and this is the first one I've ever really attended with the intention of being my fabulous self.

Consider this my late-night meditation on the use of the new heels. I'll keep everyone posted on what I'm in love with for Brunch, as well as, hopefully, some pics of the lovely Folly, the one man I'd carry a baby for, and me. Thank GOD for new shoes.

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