Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm back...

Okay, sorry for the long break, but finishing up college and graduating and Christmas took priority. But I accomplished it all!

So, my best friend and I have been talking winter (we do live in Colorado), and more importantly how hard it is to find cute, safe boots! Here's the thing, I live in a literal ice box, so it is completely practical to have snow boots, which I do. However, when it is not super snowy or icy, flat, well-treaded boots are completely practical and can be cute. I found one pair I loved and another I liked, both on sale, and I'm not forseeing a long lifetime for either, but still, at least they're cute, and I know what I like in a flat boot. However, my best friend and I do not have similar taste... in ANYTHING. So, my super cute violet flat boots with the wide, square toe works for me, but for her, I think something quieter. I am searching through Saks, Macy's, my super secret store, Charlotte Russe (where I got my boots), and I cannot find one flat boot that suits her! So here's the problem- flat boots, the safest, cutest way to travel in the winter. I mean, while I desire Moon Boots like there's no tomorrow, not everyone does. And since I am not a proprietor Ugg boots, I am on the search for perfect flat boots for all women.

Behold, my findings:

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