Saturday, June 12, 2010

The best thing I've found

Okay so, the thing is that I really hate promoting stuff, but this site is probably the best thing I've ever encountered.

That being said, I need to update.

So, alice + olivia is also my new favorite thing to check out. I like the whole classy grunge thing. It's got this whole, I'm young and can get away with this at a point where I don't know that we really have that. I mean, I want to own my look, but the thing I'm seeing is that most of my generation doesn't take risks with fashion. What is fashion without risk? I think that's why Alexander McQueen was so influential to me. He was a risk taker. He loved risks, and was never afraid to commit to something shocking.

We should all be taking risks. Why must everything be black and blue and gray? Where's color and pattern, trying length or volume? Texture, people! I think that's what the average woman is missing in fashion. I say bring it on.

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