Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Missoni You So...

So, unless you've been under a rock or in a cave or you've turned into Christopher McCandless (and if you have, why are you reading a blog about fashion?) you probably heard about the Missoni rush at Target. I did not participate on that EPIC day. However, today? I definitely got some goodies. After all the time passed for people to return items (WHO RETURNS MISSONI?!) I decided to get my goodies.

Let me start this portion by explaining that having certain assets that are abnormally large can make swimsuit shopping difficult. I bless them some days, but curse them most. So, to find a black and white Missoni tankini for $15.00 was a major score for me. I'm used to dropping $100 on a bikini, easy. So, behold, the newest love of my life, and no it will NOT be worn in the pool:

I've already tried it on, and I will need one more piece to really make it functional, but it is SO cute. I'm so excited for it. 

I also splurged a little and got a full priced makeup bag for my purse. It's a larger bag, but to be honest, my purse is so huge that I needed a little something to keep some smaller items in. It's a gorgeous black and cream pattern, and I am looking forward to keeping it near me at all times. 

Now, mind you, this was not the blog I had in mind for tonight, but I will say this: It was fun, I get to brag, and I love my new items. Now, I'm pooped, and I must head to bed so I can be up for my morning run. 

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