Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Muses are tricky little things...

So, I've been trying for 2 hours to blog. It's official. But suddenly an idea struck.

Well... hold on. I've been really out of the fashion mode lately. In small town Colorado, sometimes it's hard to be motivated to stay up on fashion and motivated to take care of one's self. Not just for me, but for anyone. I accidentally maimed my eyebrows and I am growing them back. But while I wait, my eyebrows have kind of turned into... caterpillers. Well not that bad, as my eyebrows have never been that bad, but still.

So back to my muse striking right as I was ready to go to bed.

The first order of business... SHOPPING business... when I get to Denver is to spend a day stalking out the cutest shoes and take pictures of them. I will not be purchasing any, but I want to take a look around and really delve into what is going on and what is accessible in my favorite fashion area. The goals will be as following:
1. A pair of shoes that cost more than $300.
2. A pair that cost less than $20.
3. A pair that is more than 4.5" tall.
Other than that, I am on the search for shoes of every style: vintage, wedge, pumps, platforms, sneakers... everything. Photo blog, here we come.

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