Saturday, April 7, 2012

SS12 Trends #12 The Wedge/Platform Sneaker

The wedge sneaker... AHHHH yes, when it's done right, they're fantastic. But it's not so easy to do right. When done right, it looks a little street, but still fun and fashionable. When it's done wrong, it's a hot mess.

This trend is comfortable, but funky, young, fresh, and fun. It's easy to see Vivian Westwood running around in them. Getting them in multicolored can be great, but someone a little more conservative can wear a cream or a gray pair.


Not fashionable:

When they look like this, they're worse than those ones the Spice Girls used to wear.

When in doubt, try more of a wedge, because they'll still look chic and urban. The platform is too round, and can look heavy. Wear them with leggings or tights, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or voluminous skirts. They add something unexpected to a classic look, or they add pop to street style.

This is definitely a trend that comes and goes, so these are not investment pieces, but they are fun and trendy, and they will always come back into style.

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