Sunday, February 2, 2014

Defining and Inspiring Style

Style comes from everywhere. Television, movies, books, history, high fashion, street style, Vogue, art, etc. will serve as inspiration. But what happens when that ends?

I just finished watching the last season of Gossip Girl, aka my style inspirations. It wasn't hard to dig for those perfect styling moments, in fact it was easier to forget some. From Blair's effortless Elie Saab wedding dress to Serena's perfect Diane von Furstenberg at fashion's night out, and everything in between, the show screams fashion. It's so in fashion, one of spring's biggest trends is featured here...

...and it's been off the air since 2012!  The wrap headband is perfect. 

This point tonight is not to rehash my obsession with (what started as a) teenage gossip show, but to question where the next great fashion inspiration comes from for the individual. I can go on and on about Marc Jacobs and how his shows constantly influence my style choices, or how Burberry Prosum's spring 2014 line was like a little bit of heaven for me, but really I think that for most people, individual style comes from more accessible places- television, film, and magazines. 

So, while I can watch The Devil Wears Prada 15,000 times, it is always important to remember to branch out and find those new inspirations. I know for a lot of people American Hustle fits the bill. I think the movie is interesting, but there were fashion moments that transported me right out of the movie- a recent Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress can be seen on Amy Adams, which took a lot of my attention. 

Instead, I've been looking to bloggers and the internet for that inspiration. Carrie Bradshaw will always be  an inspiration, as will the Blair Waldorf, but now it's become more apparent that it's about tangible, real fashion- which is part of the past with current trends, taking back fashion for everyone. Instead of maxing out credit cards, it's maxing out what is in your closet. And I'd like to see that in pop culture. Instead of it being
"real"- movies and tv are rarely realistic- I want to see some real street style put into pop culture. See girls in high waisted pants and flowy shirts or an oversized sweater and leggings. But, I guess for now, we will have Girls and wait for the next network tv show to really nail current trends. 

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