Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nordstrom Personal Stylist

So I know some of you will be surprised to find out I've been doing a lot of ordering from Okay no one is surprised to find that out. But I've been ordering, specifically lingerie. I've found a gorgeous British line that fits well and it so pretty- not an easy feat in a 36 G. Not at all. So, I've been visiting their website and ordering, because they don't carry the line in the Denver stores, except minimally. So, I've been getting emails about rating things and what I think, so I've been looking through it quite a bit.

The other day I was going in to rate my newest acquisition, an awesome honey-colored piece (sounds like I need to do a lingerie entry no?), and I saw an opportunity to set up an appointment with a personal stylist. I've always thought I'd be good at that, but I want to see what Nordstrom was offering. So I signed up, asking for an appointment. Very excitedly, I filled in my info, requesting an email response, and it told me I'd here back within 24 hours. So, I've been checking my email every thirty minutes or so for the last 2 days and still... nothing. I'm sad. I'm hoping that I'll hear something still, but I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't hear within the time frame advertised.

But all of this does pose the idea of letting people in to make judgement on style. Part of the thing is I know I will get into a rut. I mean, I would never purchase 4 of the exact same skirt and wear it all the time, never. Only I totally did. I know I'm overly obsessed with finding the perfect oversized cardigan and seeing what's out there. So that's why I'm pretty disappointed... Oh well I guess I can save the $120 I was planning on spending and take myself to a museum this weekend. And also get coffee. And maybe buy everyone in the bar a drink.

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