Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update, shoes, and color scheme

Soooooo, I'm officially in Denver, and I got my job. I am working as a merchandiser at a nice country club in Parker. It's a great job, I'm doing what I love, but the shop needs a lot of work. I'm the only girl, so it's a lot of work. Life is moving so fast, I barely know what to do with myself. Thank God for my best friend (let's call her Folly) and my other amazing friend (we'll call him the Musician). They've been keeping me sane. 

The job is amazing. I play in clothes all day long. I've forgotten how fun it is. The guys I work with are even more amazing. They make my day. The bar guys are hilarious and a nice balance to the guys in the shop. 

I've decided (via Folly) to join shoedazzle.com. Because I need more shoes. RIIIIIIGHT. The search for the perfect gladiator continues. Also, I got a floppy hat. 

Work tomorrow is keeping me awake. How much pink is too much? When half of the stuff ordered for one shop is pink, I question why so much pink? I love pink, it's my favorite color... well that or cerulean. But... it's keeping me up. Well, here's to trying to sleep.

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  1. Oh lookey, I got a mention on your blog! :) Glad I'm helping to keep you sane. You know you keep me sane and grounded as well!