Monday, June 11, 2012

JustFab Vs. ShoeDazzle

Alright ladies and gents, here's the first go around with purchasing from each company. I got each pair of shoes at 50% off, but I will say this: I called and asked both companies for help before purchasing, and I must say, ShoeDazzle's customer service is vastly superior to JustFab. JustFab could not answer any of my questions, nor would they say anything but "well, you can find out on the web site." ShoeDazzle was very helpful and helped me with everything, including walking me through checking out. Neither site charges for shipping, so that's nice. ShoeDazzle took a little longer to arrive, but both sites had easy links to track the shoes.

The websites are both easy, but here's a defining issue for me: ShoeDazzle offers shoes in half sizes all the way to 11. JustFab offers half sizes up to 8.5, but I'm a 9.5. So that's frustrating. I opted for the 10, and the shoes are too big. I am going to need to buy some inserts for the shoes, so they don't slide around too much.

So, let's talk presentation.

So, from left to right, here's what I got. JustFab came in today. They came in a flimsy little box, so they're more easily damaged. But they did have an awesome coupon. ShoeDazzle came in a thick box with a protective bag. I definitely like ShoeDazzle's presentation more. 

Now for the actual shoes. 

The ShoeDazzle ones are very basic, but they're exactly what I need for all my navy clothing. They're cotton, basic buckle, and a little cushion in the sole.

The details on the JustFab shoes are awesome. I love the little skull charm on the top strap. But my favorite detail is on the bottom of the shoe...

There's a little sailor skull. And it's cute and fun and a little surprise.

The ShoeDazzle shoes are slightly more comfortable, but I think that's because they're wedges. I'll let everyone know how they each wear. I do have to get those inserts. Hmmmm.


  1. I love ShoeDazzle's customer service. I've called them a few times for return issues, shipping, just general CS questions, and they've been wonderful each time. That's the main reason I've stuck with them as long as I have - they know customer service!

  2. Did you know that JustFab recently merged with ShoeDazzle? I've been a member at both and find it has actually seemed to improve my overall experience with ShoeDazzle, at least when it comes to customer service. The way the site functions has generally remained the same.

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