Monday, June 4, 2012

SS12 Trends 9- Blushes and Nudes

Probably one of the most diverse, yet flattering trends is the use of blush and beige tones. There are several different shades of blush or beige (aka nude tones) so it can look flattering on anyone. Please note that Tim Gunn once pointed out that using the term "nude" as a color is racist, and I kind of think that he's right. But, no matter how you refer to the color, it's something that anyone can wear, and it can be used for lots of different items. For instance, my first choice in this trend is...

This is my actual purse. Yes. I bought this at Target. It's an Xhiliration, it was inexpensive. I love it. So you can do that. You can always opt for an older trend,

The beige shoe is still fun, but classy. These are also mine, and they're about 5.5 inches high. So you always have those options. But for the more daring, the truly trendy, and the fashionista, try clothing. Because you can do it 1,000 different ways: dresses, tees, jackets, pants, shorts, in which ever shade flatters you the most:

But here's some tips. Make sure it's not the same shade as your skin. You will look naked. Make sure it's not too different from your skin tone- it will wash you out. Other than that, have fun with it! It works with anything, black, white, neons, patterns, pastels, ANYTHING. That's what makes it amazing. 

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