Friday, October 16, 2009


I was thinking about my pet peeves today. And I was thinking about how I can take my love of fashion to the next level. I was thinking of ways to keep myself working, thinking and current within the fashion world. Here it is, my personal blog about my views on fashion. So, here's the list.

Right now I am...

Designing a handbag that will have deer all over it.
Working on advice for people's closets.
Chilling with my puppy.
Wishing I was watching Gossip Girl.
Thinking about wanting Blair Waldorf's clothes.
Knowing I'd wear more of Serena's.

Okay... So, here it is. The inspiration of this blog is the repeated comment that people love waiting to see what I'll wear from day to day. I like dresses. I like skirts. I like tee shirts. I LOVE high high heels. I LOVE cardigans. But today someone asked me if there was anything I wouldn't wear. Here are my answers:

I do not wear turtlenecks. I have a short neck and big boobs. The turtleneck will only make me look like I have no neck. I have big boobs, and thusly, a turtleneck actually makes my boobs look like they are coming out of my stomach. It makes my torso look too long.

I do not wear yellow, with one exception- my neon yellow "Frankie Says Relax" tee. I also rarely wear orange. Generally on fair skin, these colors make people look like they are going to vomit. They are not flattering. They make fair skin look even paler, and bring out dark circles under people's eyes. If one of these is your favorite color, that's great. But that is not a reason to wear it when it looks bad. People of a darker toned skin can look more than fabulous in these colors. Bitches.

I don't wear kitten heels. I don't actually have a problem with them, I just like giant heels.

I don't wear patterned tights because I do not want my legs to look like they are the size of tree trunks. Simple.

Belly shirts. They're not flattering. On any one.

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