Sunday, October 18, 2009

For the pale girls...

So, tonight's topic is inspired by my sister from another mister, T. The question I received on Twitter reads like this:

"So what is a good color for an ├╝ber pale person like me to wear?"

T, here's the thing. Pale is finally in. Now we all know that tans only lead to bad things
(skin cancer and leathery, wrinkled like a shar-pei skin and while Donatella Versace can rock it, no one else can!) And the really cool thing is that you can see girls with your coloring all over the place. My personal favorite: Anne Hathaway. She knows how to play with her skin tone. The dark hair, dark eyes, pale look can handle almost anything. I love the dark colors on this coloring. Black, chocolate, tar... minimal makeup a pretty blush and a bold lip can really heighten those colors. Jewel tones also look fabulous. I love violet and jade on a pale girl (See the picture of A.H. from The Devil Wears Prada).

Not into Miss Hathaway's colors? Okay, Michelle Tractenberg has been really pulling off some nice things on Gossip Girl. Grays and blacks, some nice pastels- blues, pinks, lavender. Lots of neutrals with bold accessories: camels and taupes.

So summation? Pale girls ROCK! Do me a favor and stay away from orange, but I think even you, Oh-So-Lucky-One, can wear canary yellow and look fabulous. But do me one favor: Stay away from true white. I mean, unless you want to look your skin is forming around you in a shirt-like fashion, white is not the color for you. Be bold!

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