Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Importance of the Team Shirt

This is the theme because my beloved Yankees won tonight. I mean, sure not a graceful win, but still, magical.

There should be a place reserved in every man and woman's wardrobe for the sports shirt. I have several. Yeah, I usually sleep in my super huge sports tees, but now I think no one should live without a cool item from their favorite sports team. My personal favorite is for the baseball fan within: The Baseball undershirt. I rock the navy and white shirt because it represents the colors of my favorite team, is completely flattering, and is kinda sexy because it is men's wear on a woman. However, it is sexy on a man too. Form fitting and nicely cut... it is completely unisex.

Here's the thing, they're making cool gear for BOTH sexes/genders, and they are quite flattering. I mean, if (okay, when) in the past I've dated guys who don't have a cap with a sports team on it, it freaks me out. I have at least 5 Yankees hats, 3 Broncos hats, 2 OU hats, and probably a UNC hat floating around somewhere. I own countless Yankess tees to sleep in/work out in. So, I don't want to be the only one in the relationship rocking the sports tees. I don't need to feel more masculine than by bf. However, i do think that it's okay that I love the Yankees that much. I want a guy who wears his team cap everywhere and owns more jerseys than me.

On a guy a sports shirt can be manly, but still sexy. On a woman it can be feminine but still express a passion. It's an expression of self, pride, love, hate, rivalry, it can be anything. In the end, it is something to be cherished. I say, love thy sports team, love thy self.

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