Tuesday, January 24, 2012

65 days. Yikes.

65 Days until school starts. 29 until I fly out there to tour.

So far, my list has changed 14,000 times about what I need out there, but I got the top 2 items.


Basically at this point, I'm trying to focus on what I need. My mother thinks that's a TV, but I love my big ghetto tv. I have 2 pairs of corduroy pants (one gray brown, one wine), the new jeans, a maxi skirt,  a black jersey skirt, a houndstooth mini, a black mini, and 2 pairs of black  legging pants. I have a few dresses. I have enough shoes to last forever. I have enough movies to last forever, but I think I'm going to take Wii with me, and have that. 

Basically at this point I'm thinking all I really need is a couple of sketchbooks and my iPhone. Let's get going! Oh, my iPhone will be held in THIS:  

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