Monday, January 16, 2012

Celeb Stalking

Here's the thing. I am going to need some cheap entertainment out in L.A. So, I've devised a game to help. We're calling it celeb stalking, but there's no approaching or harassing celebs. It's a scavenger hunt of certain celebs, where we see if we can spot them. Maybe even take a photo with the phone, but overall, leave them alone. So, I'm compiling a list of celebs most scavenge-worthy, beginning with the most important:

1. Alexander Skarsgard. If this shocks you, you don't know me.
2. Ryan Gosling. Is he really as hot as he looks?
3. Emma Stone.
4. Mila Kunis.
5. Axl Rose.
6. Any of the Hills stars (because they're just asking for it.)
7. Any of the rest of the cast from True Blood.
8. Any of the cast from Gossip Girl.
9. Marc Jacobs.
10. Lindsey Lohan. Why wouldn't I want to see a train wreck?

I highly doubt I'll go out of my way to see any celebs, but the idea is fun. Okay, I may have to walk by The Ivy, just to see how insane it is.

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