Monday, January 9, 2012

It's time I ended this hiatus. I've asked myself what I want this blog to be, to become, and even, if I should keep it or not. And, ultimately, I've decided to keep it. What I am going to do is make it more focused. Instead of trying to help everyone, or post things I like, it's going to become more. This is all about the next 448 days of my life. It's about my journey from Denver to L.A. to where ever I end up after FIDM. The next year of my life is going to be the most crazy and exciting time of my life. So this is going to be my mission. From today until I'm done with school, I am going to be updating on prepping for school (getting in shape, making some garments, sketching, etc), what's happening in L.A., and what's going to happen beyond. So here's my little return letter, with a little assignment I gave myself.

Here are the items of clothing I'd like to find before I leave in 83 days.
1. Black or navy shorts
2. Teal tights
3. A blazer
4. One or two cardigans- neither gray or black
5. One more pair of jeans
6. One more pair of sandals
7. A few more tank tops
8. Another maxi skirt
9. Skirts
10. Wedges

Okay, maybe this is unattainable, but on top of that, I need to clean out my closet. Like, completely clean out. So goals set.

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