Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After the Depressing Post from Earlier...

I will say I think I'm dealing with waiting for LA poorly. I'm so ready for this challenge, yet it's still 72 days away. It's both insanely close and very far away, hence that last post. So with this one, I'm really going to try and focus on the happy. Coming up, I have my new iPhone, which I already have a designer case for. I think I'm going to be able to afford the tattoo I really want. I get to go back-to-school shopping, which I love. I'm going back to the gym regularly, so that's good. I need to focus on that, because when I get out there, it'll be really important to use the gym to get rid of the stress. But most importantly I need to really need to go find some inspiration. But, here's the tattoo I think I'm going to get... All from the brilliant mind of Marc Jacobs.

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